Save children's lives!!


Quick access to a bullet-resistant shield that is also used as a dry-erase board could be one of the best alternatives to increase the safety of school children. 


Dry erase whiteboards are commonly used in classrooms, especially public and private schools. Why not use dry erase boards for a dual purpose: academic learning as well as protection from bodily harm by using the dry erase board as a shield from a gunman’s bullets?

Today, dry erase boards are made out of a variety of materials of many shapes and sizes and are used to solve simple mathematics problems, to enable teachers to check spelling capabilities, and to allow teachers to creatively implement other quick learning exercises requiring immediate feedback. In addition to the widely embraced benefit of using a dry erase board for academic learning and student engagement, a dry erase board created out of a light weight ballistic material such as fiberglass could provide a barrier to protect lives.


Bullet-resistant dry erase boards can be built with handles on
one side so that children can easily use the whiteboard as a bullet
resistant shield. They could be placed under or in students' desks, fastened to the side of desks, or even positioned in backpacks for quick access and protection. School administrators could conduct school wide drills and various training exercises to teach students how to effectively protect their vital body parts from a gunman who enters the school.

Unfortunately, most of the dry erase boards used today frequently break and have to be replaced often. Not only would bullet-resistant boards have the potential to save lives of children and even teachers from bullets, but because they would be composed of stronger, higher quality materials, money could be saved in the long run by not having to purchase dry erase boards so often.


Please refer to the DESIGN & RATINGS page (link above) to aquire additional information regarding the available sizes, other design specifications, and safety ratings for these bullet-resistant dry erase boards. Please refer to the PRICING page (link above) to get pricing and/or to place an order.